An Asset In Assisted Living
Caregivers and Toilet-Users Rejoice
Hospitality Without The Hospital
Gone are the days of painful Gait belts and Hoyer lifts to assist patients on and off the toilet. Finally, the dignified solution that your residents deserve and your staff will appreciate, is here and ready to serve. The Throne Buttler is not just a powered toilet lift, but an investment in both your residents and staff safety that will increase satisfaction and help in attracting new residents and staff adding value to the business.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 45% of workers’ compensation claims by nursing staff are the result of overexertion and bodily reaction. These types of injuries are often the result of lifting and transferring patients in akward places like the toilet. At an average cost of $22,300 and 7 missed workdays per claim, the ROI for adding the Throne Buttler to your staff can be almost immediate. The Throne Buttler allows for fast simple patient transfers on and off the toilet saving valuable nursing staff time, further reducing operating costs.
The Buttler Benefit
Easy Installation

Throne Buttler does not require any plumbing modifications to
install and can be removed or relocated to a different room without the use of tools. Simply remove the existing toilet seat, slide Throne Buttler over the bowl and plug it in.
Safe Operation
The handset controls are removable and allow for the health care worker to assist the patient from a safe distance. The The Throne Buttler’s lift and tilt mechanism has a weight capacity of up to 350 .lbs and allows all the heavy lifting to be done by the push of a button.
Reduce Injuries
The Throne Buttler’s patented lifting mechanism follows the
natural kinematic motion of the body making it the ideal support
for patients recovering from back injuries, knee and hip
replacements, as well as other physical ailments.