A Revolution In the Restroom
Caretakers & Toilet-Users Rejoice
A Lift Like No Other
Finally, a toilet seat lift that rises to the occasion. Throne Buttler takes your heinie to your highness by delivering uncompromising quality, design and care. We may not be the first to develop an automated toilet seat riser but we are the first to do it right — with industrial-grade engineering, comprehensive
safety features and refined convenience for at-home use.
The Nitty-Gritty
Toilet Seats
Throne Buttler is designed to work with most elongated toilet seats, from electric bidets to padded seats – even basic wooden models. We don’t care for lidless horseshoe toilet seats, we think your bum deserves better.
Built-In Gutter And Drain
Our built-in gutter and central drain act like a roadway to channel life’s little messes where they belong: in the toilet.  As Throne Buttler lifts, gravity does the rest, pulling liquids into the three-sided gutter and into the drain.
Height and Seating
Thanks to a bowl clearance height of 17.25″, Throne Buttler works flawlessly with both standard and taller height toilet seats. Just slide it over, plug it in and put your bum at ease.
Splash Guard
Our signature splash guard extends the depth of the toilet (opening an additional 2.50″) and fits below the rim of both standard and chair height toilets for mess-free operation.
Safety Cage
The safety cage offers multiple points of contact to ensure steady transition on and off the toilet. It features two sets of cushion hand grips so you can have the best leverage, the perfect position and maintain balance.
Magnetic Latch
One of the many innovations that makes Throne Buttler the safest toilet seat lift on the market is our magnetic latch, which holds the toilet lid securely open so you can focus your attention on using the toilet safely.
Safety Cage Expansion
Should you require a better fit, Throne Buttler has an optional safety cage that can provide an overall width as small as 24.50″ or as large as 28.00″. Just be sure to check for clearance (approximately the size of a toilet paper roll) on either side of the toilet.
Standalone Commode
Can’t make it to the bathroom? Throne Buttler’s standalone commode feature allows you to answer nature’s call safely and in a more convenient location, so you can avoid the dangers of traveling to the loo.