What to know before you go
Question:  Can I return it if it does not fit in my bathroom?
Answer:  Yes, contact us for instructions.
Question: Are the feet adjustable?
Answer:  Yes, they can be easily adjusted to level the throne buttler to any floor.
Question:  What kind of cleaners or disinfectants can I use on it?
Answer:  It is recommended to clean the plastic and metal surfaces with a mild household cleaner, or disinfectant wipe.  It is not recommended to spray the cushion grips with household cleaners as they can absorb liquids, use a disinfectant wipe or disinfectant spray.
Question:  How noisy is it?
Answer:  The Throne Buttler runs around 65 db which is the equivalent to a dishwasher or electric shaver.
Question:  What is the recommended minimum height to use it?
Answer:  For optimal fit we recommend 5’4” and up. Contact us for special requirements.
Question:  Does it come in any colors besides white, and grey?
Answer:  Please contact us for special color requests, or patterns.
Question:  How long is the power cord?
Answer:  The power cord is 10 feet long and can be routed out either side.
Question:  How much power does it use, will it trip my circuit breaker?
Answer:  Under load the Throne Buttler uses about 65 Watts, or the equivalent of a standard light bulb, or a cell phone charger.  If the circuit is over loaded, then there is a possibility of tripping the breaker.
Question:  Will the green and red lights on the power control ever turn off?
Answer:  No, they are intended to be on continuously as an easy visual reminder of where they are located and which is up and which is down. If the lights do turn out, please contact us for a replacement control handle.
Question:  My only outlet is pretty far away from the toilet, can I plug it into an extension cord?
Answer:  Yes, it can be run on an extension cord, but before you use an extension cord you need to visually verify or have an electrician verify that the outlet you are going to use has a working Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI).  The Throne Buttler has a GFCI built into the power cord, but it does not provide protection between the extension cord and the outlet.
Question: I don’t have much room around my toilet, how can I tell if it fits?
Answer:  The simplest way to check is with a full roll of toilet paper, if you can pass the roll between the widest part of your toilet bowl and the cabinet or wall pretty easily then it should fit.