No more painful gait belts, or flimsy commode chairs that feel like they will collapse if you move the wrong way.  The Throne Buttler Powered Commode Lift Chair is a revolution in bedside toileting safety.  It combines the safety, security, and smooth lift-and-tilt action of Throne Buttler with the portability of a commode chair, allowing it to be used bedside or anywhere else without the need for a toilet.  The commode portion features an easy to clean fitted tray that securely locates between the feet of the Throne Buttler with a high side to contain any messes should they happen.  The extra-deep waste bucket locks into the fitted tray and remains stationary so that there is no chance of accidental spills during use.  Easy to replace liners are included so that clean up after each use is simple, fast, and sanitary. 

If the standalone commode portion is no longer needed, simply remove the fitted tray, waste bucket, and splash guard and the Throne Buttler can be placed back in the bathroom.      

Kit includes:

  • TLFE002 Throne Buttler Powered lift chiar with wide handle.
  • Floor pan
  • Splash guard
  • Waste bucket
  • Upgraded soft close toilet seat
  • 25 count roll of bucket liners  

This product accomodates users ranging from 5’4” and up.

Weight Limit: 350 lbs 



Product Weight: 70 lbs
Product Width: 28 inches
Product Depth: 25 inches
Sitting Height: 19 inches
Product Overall Height:
  • 29 inches to top of handles (down position)
  • 34 inches top of hand control, 37 inches (up position)
Weight Limit: 350 lbs
Electrical: 1A, 110v, 60Hz
Power Cord: Lenght 10 ft, built in GFCI
Mounting: No permenant attachment required, self supporting around the existing toilet
Cycle Time: Approximately 25 seconds
Noise: 64 dB, 

Proudly Manufactured in USA

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