48" long supply hose with 1/2" IPS fitting on each end.  This hose gives the additional lenght needed to install a bidet seat to the standard Throne Buttler TLFE001 or TLFE002 model.  Use this hose to connect most powered and non powered bidet seats in place of the standard toilet seat. 

The hose is long enought to allow the Throne Buttler lift seat to rise to the the upper position with out pulling on the toilet supply line.  This hose also allows the Throne Buttler to be pulled away from the toilet for cleaning. 

Use this hose in place of the water supply line that is included with the bidet seat to connec the bidet seat to the T-fitting at the tank.  

Will not work with Toto Washlet bidet seat, use TL10056 bidet hose kit for these seats.     

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